Peter Rabbits

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3 to 5 years

A happy, fun filled room with lots of time to explore.

In this room we explore and learn such a lot each day through play based activities. Children can choose from the range of toys and equipment in the room. Activities are set out each day for the children to select from, these include play dough, painting, collage, games, sand, water, construction and pretend play in our lovely home corner. Staff also plan a range of activities to meet individual needs, along with their interests and to cover all 6 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, these are all designed to make learning fun.

In Peter Rabbits we have a daily routine, which includes some carpet times where we sit together and sing or listen to stories, some times where we play inside and other times where we choose to play either indoors or out in the garden area. This routine is designed to prepare children for school by developing their independence and giving them a structure they feel secure with. At indoor/outdoor choice times the children can select where they are happy to play and learning can flow with lots of space and time with their friends.

The staff in Peter Rabbits develop lots of fun and interesting activities which include sharing books, listening games, counting games, mark making and discovering a lot about the world around. The staff keep detailed records on children which provide transition information for the school of your choice. Local schools often visit in the Summer term to see the children at play and share transition information, this process makes the move to school a smoother one.

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