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16 – 18 months 2 years

The Cottontails room is a follow on room from Bunnykins, in this room children are encouraged to share, and take turns, in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly, bright and airy; where children are able to build independence and develop confidence in these important years. They have a attached garden in which gives them the opportunity to continue their play experiences both inside and outside. Children can have a sleep, when they need to. Each child has their own mattress and sheet, labelled.

We encourage positive relationships with both children and their key person. Learning is play based and fun. We discover lots about the world around together with our adult carers.

A gentle introduction to the nursery at this stage is important as often it will be the first time away from parents, these settling sessions can change and gradually be built up if required, depending on each individual child.

Transfer to the Squirrels is carefully planned according to each child’s needs so that the move goes smoothly and will not cause any distress to the child.

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