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6 weeks to 16-18 months

A comfy, cosy home full of warmth and cuddles.

A caring and friendly environment which encourages development and growing independence at a pace suited to each child. A place where babies feel secure and loved in a safe environment.

Our baby room, babies have their fun and games inside. We have double and single buggies and babies also enjoy playing in the big garden. Here they can watch the older children playing and exploring, and maybe join in with older brothers and sisters.Our staff develop good relationships with parents which continue throughout the time the child is at the Warren. New parents are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to when they come to visit the Bunnykins room and this includes before baby has been born. Once baby is here, Mum and baby are invited back to spend more time in the room, to meet the staff again and we encourage parents to visit as many times as they wish to, prior to baby’s first day in Bunnykins. We like to work with parents and aim to carry out their needs and preferences. A place where the staff take the time to tell you all the special events in your child’s day.Each child will have a key person who will keep a daily diary of all the important events that happen each day.

We provide breakfast if baby is in nursery before 8am, a mid-morning snack, lunch and pudding, an afternoon snack and tea. We ask you to provide nappies, wipes and barriers creams as well as bottles ready made with formula.

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